Contributor Guidelines

We encourage writers to submit articles for publication on Archives Security. Submitting an article does not guarantee it will be published. The SAA Security Section leadership reserves the right to edit all articles. Please read the guidelines below for tips about your submission. The copyright of all stories remains with the author.

What kind of article are you submitting? This blog is a forum for sharing information and resources about archives security specifically and the security of cultural heritage objects in general. We accept historical or contemporary case studies, news of recent events, updates about ongoing cases, and descriptions of best practices / how tos.

Length. We don’t have specific guidelines, but we suggest articles to be between 500 and 1,500 words. Shorter news items and updates are always welcome. For longer articles, please use subheadings within the text.

No Footnotes. Archives Security is not an academic source and we prefer articles written for a broad audience. We advise you to use in-text citations with links to sources when appropriate. Because of the nature of this blog as a forum for sharing information and resources, we encourage thoughtful comments from anyone to be posted to the bottom of each article.

Include Images When You Can. When appropriate, include at least one (but not more than three) photo(s), map(s), or other illustration(s) with your article. Please include a short description and source of the image(s). All images should be sent in a standard web format (e.g. .jpg and .png) as an attachment to the same e-mail as your submission. In your text, please include a notation in [brackets] to indicate where the image should appear.

Byline and Bio. At the end of your e-mail submission, please include a short bio (3-4 sentences) describing your experience as it relates to the topic of your contribution.

Ready To Submit? Send your submission via e-mail as an attached text document. In the document, follow the text with a list of the full URLs to any links you use and then information about the image sources. Remember to include your short bio as well. Attach your images to the same e-mail (please do not embed them in the text). Send your submission to Bryan Whitledge (, Miranda Mims (, or Jaime Burton ( Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.